Lamplighters Yeshivah Annual Fundraising Gala ROOTS. June 20th, 2016 ~ Honoring our beloved grandparents

Yitzchok Muolly

As a child Rabbi Yitzchok Moully’s upbringing was off the beaten path. Raised by former hippies, Moully was exposed to far more color than one would expect in the rigorously orthodox Chassidic community. Moully’s formal education in day schools in Australia and later at the Rabbinical College of America did not include formal art classes but his inner passion yearned for expression. After dabbling in various forms of art Moully found an expression for his creativity in the silkscreen process.

Moully’s art contrasts strong Judaic and Chassidic images with vibrant bold colors to create a startling combination which he describes as “Chassidic Pop Art”.

Moully’s art reveals that the essence of Chassidic thought is far from black and white. Under the black hat there is a wealth of vibrant colorful energy waiting to be released

Itta Werdiger Roth

Itta Werdiger Roth is a professional chef. She's also an Australian expatriate, a community builder and a Lamplighters mom of three. In 2011, she launched The Hester, an underground restaurant and music cafe. In 2013, she partnered up with Sasha Chack to open Mason & Mug, "the world's coolest kosher restaurant" (New York Daily News). She has been filmed for CBS and featured in Tablet Magazine and The Forward.

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer is an internationally recognized lecturer, teacher and counselor. Addressing a wide range of contemporary issues, she brings to her audiences a refreshingly modern perspective grounded firmly in Torah values. She serves as a counselor and mentor for women, couples and adolescents. She is a member of the Ask the Rabbi team for, where she answers questions over a broad spectrum - ranging from difficult family relationships to the Jewish community’s view on same-sex marriage. She developed and teaches “To Build a Jewish Home,” a course for couples across the entire spectrum of Jewish life, which focuses on the specific mitzvot of marriage, as well as insights and tools for establishing a relationship of intimacy. She and her husband raised their ten children in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, home now to an expanding generation of Shaffers as her grandchildren visit to help organize the family library and enjoy creating jokes and acronyms with her.

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Lamplighters will create a beautiful dedication journal to distribute at this year's gala, ROOTS. More than a typical ad journal, our magazine-style book will be a collection of compelling content, beautiful images of Lamplighters students and original artwork by acclaimed Chassidic artist, Yitzchok Moully.

This year, we are honoring our beloved grandparents, our foundational roots. The journal is an opportunity for you to recognize them and celebrate their lasting influence.

Whether you are a Lamplighters parent, family member, local businessperson or supporter, we invite you to please purchase a dedication to support our cause.

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“Souls are ready and waiting to be kindled… to help them shine is the role of a Jew.” -- the Lubavitcher Rebbe, on being a Lamplighter

The Jewish people are one body. Every single Jewish child counts. And if being a Jew means finding and connecting to one’s deeper purpose in life and then using this connection as fuel to transform the world-- then a Jewish child’s educational experience has to be successful! But in education there are no one- sized-fits-all solutions, especially when teaching purpose and values. Intrinsic to our Jewish educational heritage is an understanding that children learn differently. That means today, in an era of more avenues of teaching technology to support this process than ever, we must finally actualize our goal to guide every single Jewish child in the path of his potential.

This is Lamplighters Yeshivah, a lab school community of educators, parents, children and change-agents who are on a journey of customized Jewish education for every child.


It starts with one.

One seed. One root. One tree.

One child.

Lamplighters Yeshivah was born from the belief that education can, and must, nurture and harness the potential of every child and enliven their unique G-d given purpose in this world.

Throughout the six years since we came into being, we witnessed firsthand how education is an organic, living journey that must be tailored to each child — for one seed, nurtured, grows strong roots which give rise to a forest of mighty trees.

We started as a seed. And from this seed sprouted a movement.

At this year’s annual Lamplighters Gala, we invite you to celebrate the foundational inspirations of our school: our Rebbe’s teachings; our values; our teachers; our supporters; our heritage. And most of all, our parents and grandparents -- all who have shaped and raised us, and whom we honor at this joyous event.

Please join us as we celebrate the many "roots" who have dedicated their time, energy, financial support and guidance to create a strong foundation for our school and community.

Together, we can continue to nurture our children to honor their roots, so they can go on to plant illuminating seeds of their own — and change the world.

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1337 President St,
Brooklyn, NY 11213